Great Lakes Randonneurs

The Great Lakes Randonneurs (GLR) is a cycling club created in 1996 to promote and manage an annual brevet series and other activities for endurance cyclists in the midwest. The club bylaws provide more detail about GLR organization, operation and policies.

The club communicates with members via an electronic newsletter and this website. We depend on our members to organize and operate our events. Becoming a member provides an opportunity to help your fellow riders and improve the quality of our events. The membership fee is $5/year. The membership application is included on the brevet registration form.

GLR is affiliated with Randonneurs USA (RUSA). Riders' results from GLR events are submitted to RUSA which submits them to Audax Club Parisien for validation. A validated brevet qualifies a rider for a medal and also counts towards qualification for upcoming major events, e.g. Paris-Brest-Paris.

We encourage you to explore the site to learn more about us and our events. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


GLR is an all volunteer organization led by a Regional Brevet Administrator. RBAs organize and supervise brevets and other events in their area.

Regional Brevet Administrator (RBA) :
gro.odnarrlg@ofnirlg | sperK miJ

gro.odnarrlg@rerusaertrlg | relhoM boR

Thomas Berube

Web developer:
gro.odnarrlg@bewrlg | namrefeP eeL

Route Development:
John Gadbury
Rob Schaller

Brevet Assistants:
Lisa Weber
Ilter Saygin
Julie Sherman

Lisa Weber
Eric Peterson

Please contact the RBA if you can help with any of these tasks or if you have any skills that may be useful to the club.