GLR 2007 PBP Participants
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Paris-Brest-Paris, a.k.a. PBP, is a 1200k Grande Randonnee held along the same historic route every four years in France. Beginning on the southern side of the french capital, it travels west 600 kilometers to the port city of Brest on the Atlantic Ocean and returns along the same route. It's a 100 year old tradition and the main event for thousands of randonnuering cyclists around the world. Successful completion of PBP means one's name is entered into the "Great Book" in Paris along with every other finisher going back to 1891, and a much-treasured medal is awarded.

All prospective PBP participants must complete a Super Randonneur brevet series (200, 300, 400 and 600-kilometer events) by mid-june in the year of PBP.

GLR Anciens

GLR has a long history of PBP participation. Recent finishers, a.k.a. anciens, are shown below. Congratulations!

1999 2003 2007 2011
Mike Alexa
Robert Bole
James Halay
James Maloney
Ryan Maloney
Sharon McCracken
Doug McLerran
Frank Paulo
Ronnie Rodriguez
Larry Schulman
Tony Smyczynski
Toni Stanek
Bob Walkowicz
Lloyd Young
Gregory Zabora
Thomas Berube
Robert Bole
Patrick Kilroy
Jim Kreps
John Lake
James Maloney
Ryan Maloney
Jefferson Rogers
Bryce Walsh
Thomas Berube
Mike Feirstein
Jim Kreps
Roger Lehman
Scott McIntosh
Doug McLerran
Rob Mohler
T C O’Rourke
Eric Peterson
David Rosenblum
Doug Slack
Bryce Walsh
Robert Booth
Dan Diehn
Mike Feirsten
Jason Marshall
Greg Silver
Bryce Walsh
Bill Watts

We need your help to insure the accuracy of this list, if you know of any finishers that are not listed please bring them to our attention.

Paris-Brest-Paris 2011

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La Société Charly Miller

One hundred and ten years ago Charly Miller of Chicago was the first American to ride Paris-Brest-Paris, finishing fifth in 56 hours, 40 minutes. This was an outstanding achievement for an unsupported rider, especially considering the poor roads and bicycles of that era. Though many of his opponents had elaborate teams of pacers and helpers, Miller persevered alone for three days and two nights, non-stop. Charly had to use all his resolve to overcome punctures and a broken bicycle. Not surprisingly, his heroic performance was very much appreciated by the French.

To honor Charly's achievement, RUSA recognizes any American who finishes PBP in less than 56:40 as a member of La Société Charly Miller. In 2011 GLR’s Bryce Walsh joined this esteemed fraternity of fast American randonneurs and randonneuses. Chapeau Bryce!