Route Information: 300km

300km Summary1
Route:2 Cue Sheet
Map:3 Google
GPS Data:4 GPX
Climb: 9091 ft.
Fee: $15/$20 d.o.
Start: 7:00 am
Limit: 20 hrs.

The 300km route is a clockwise loop through south-central Wisconsin along lightly-traveled rural roads. The first stage is identical to the 200km but the route diverges just after the first control and continues northwest to New Glarus before entering the driftless area, characterized by its abrupt hills and valleys. The route turns east a little past the halfway point in Barneveld and eventually rejoins the 200km route in Oregon for the return to Delavan.

After sunset, riders must have two securely mounted non-blinking lights: a front light with clear lens and a rear light with red lens. Riders must wear a reflective vest, sash, Sam Browne belt, or some other device that clearly places reflective material on the front and back of the rider and a reflective ankle band around each ankle.

Rides start and finish at the Super 8 Motel, 518 Borg Road, Delavan, WI. To reduce congestion, riders not staying at the motel have been asked to park across the street in the shopping center lot on the east side of Borg Rd.


4/19/14: The updated GPX file is now available via the link in the 300k Summary table.

4/17/14: The preliminary cue sheet and map are available via the links in the route summary table near the top of this page. An updated GPX file should be available shortly.

The route has two small changes and a potential detour. On the way into Brodhead the route will continue west on Avon North Townline to the T intersection on Co. T and then head north to the first control. West of Edgerton, the route will continue east on Stebbinsville Rd. to the Y intersection after crossing over Stebbinsville Dam. Finally, the ongoing construction on the lower section of Co. Hwy. M may affect routing. RBA Jim will provide updated routing information at check-in if necessary.

5/30/13: The Kwik Trip convenience store in Mt. Horeb has been remodeled and now has an extensive selection of grocery items in addition to all the junk food that endurance riders demand.

5/23/13: The preliminary cue sheet has been updated to provide addional detail at a couple of intersections. It does not include the likely detour on Co. Road M. The ride-day cue sheet and a construction supplement, if necessary, will be provided at registration.

5/17/13: The Bike Chalet in New Glarus has closed and leaves us without shop support over the first half of the 300k.

The Pro Cycle Bike Shop, (608) 437-9905, may be open along the route at 504 E. Main Street in Mount Horeb, a few blocks west of the first roundabout on the way into town.

Atkins Verona Bicycle Shoppe, (608) 845-6644, is open at 517 Half Mile Road on the west side of Verona - about three miles off the 300k route.

5/14/13: The middle section of County Road M, SE of Milton, has been barricaded and the route is being modified. The preferred detour will be to turn right off of M onto Emerald Green and follow that south to MM and take that east to rejoin M.

4/16/13: Let's get ready to rumble! The route will be returning to Co. Hwy. M, southeast of Milton, to take advantage of several miles of new pavement.

4/16/13: Two modifications to the route have been made to accommodate road construction in Brodhead. Church Road will be used instead of Keesey on the way into town and 1st Central Road will be used on the way out instead of Race Rd. Note that the 200k split will occur north of Brodhead at the St. John Road intersection with the 300k bearing left (west) and the 200k turning right (east).

5/29/12: We've been informed that the right turn markers at the intersection of Avon North Townline Road and Risum Rd. have been painted over. There is one marker left but it is faint and about 50 yards before the turn and can be easily missed on the down hill.

5/19/12: The Earth Rider Bike Shop & Hotel in Brodhead has closed however the Bike Chalet bike shop is open on the north end of the Sugar River bike trail in New Glarus on 5th St. The status of the Pro Cycle Bicycle Shop that was operating at 504 E Main St. in Mt. Horeb is unknown.

5/19/12: Nearly all roads on this route are marked however some of the older markings are less visible. The majority have been refreshed. The markings on Offerdahl Rd., southeast of Mt. Horeb, have been covered.

5/5/12: There are two short gravel sections and several intersections with excess gravel and sand on the first stage to Brodhead. Several railroad crossings are also potentially hazardous if crossed at high speed or an acute angle.

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    Stage Dist (mi/km) Terrain Town Control Open/Close
    1 45.0 / 72.4 Flat/Rolling Brodhead BP: Stop-N-Go 9:07/11:48
    2 27.1 / 43.6 Rolling New Glarus BP Mart 10:26/14:48
    3 28.9 / 46.5 Hilly Barneveld BP Mart 11:46/17:48
    4 32.8 / 52.8 Hilly Oregon BP: Stop-N-Go 13:21/21:20
    5 25.0 / 40.4 Rolling Edgerton Carl's Shell 14:36/00:00
    6 30.6 / 49.2 Rolling/Flat Delavan
    Super 8 Motel 16:00/03:00

    Stage 1: Creek Road

    The first half of this stage is a relatively flat, almost imperceptible, descent to the Rock River that begins by winding its way through Delavan before heading southwest on Creek Road. Its mostly straight 14 mile distance is nearly twice that of any other road on the ride. Turtle Creek is often visible on the southern side of the road before the route crosses the tracks and turns northwest on Townline Rd. There's an optional convenience store on Townline at the intersection with Hwy. 51, about 22 miles from the start. It's common for small groups to form on Creek and Townline however their cohesion can be tested when riders shift into their small rings for the rolling hills west of the Rock River. Gravel and sand have been observed on several intersections in the area so extra caution is advised.

    The first control is at the Brodhead BP Stop-N-Go. There is a Subway next door, McDonalds and other restaurants and stores are nearby along 1st Center Ave.

    Stage 2: Sugar River Basin

    This stage begins by retracing the route north along 1st Center Ave. and then turning left after crossing the railroad tracks to exit town and head northwest. The route maintains a close proximity to the Sugar River, Little Sugar River and the Sugar River Bike trail with several crossings of each through Albany on the way to New Glarus. The town was settled by Swiss immigrants from Glarus, Switzerland, in 1845. It's also known as Little Switzerland for its chalet-style architecture. 

    The control is on the west side of Route 69 at the New Glarus BP Mart. Other stores and restaurants are in the immediate vicinity. Roy's Market is across the street. The New Glarus Bakery is two blocks west on north 1st St. It has been around for more than 100 years and offers many old world favorites. The Bike Chalet bike shop is a block north on 5th Ave.

    Note: to resume the ride, proceed northwest on the sidewalk through the park to Railroad St.

    Stage 3: Four Tops

    After departing northwest out of New Glarus on County Highway O, the stage enters an area of abrupt hills and valleys know as the driftless area. The stage is named for the four 200 ft. climbs that define it: Ness Road, Blue Valley Road, Barber Road, and Prairie Grove Road. Ness is about 4% for one mile with a 10% maximum, Blue Valley is 4% for 3/4 mile with an 12% max., Barber is 8% for 0.4 miles with a 13% max., and Prairie Grove is 7% for 0.4 miles. The notched slope of Blue Mound State Park is visible to the north from most of the peaks.

    The final climb up Jones St. and Industrial Dr. leads to the third control at the Barneveld BP Mart, there's a Subway next door.

    Stage 4: The Trollway

    The queen stage begins with a small ascent along Co. Road ID that leads to the route's highest elevation, 1280 feet near the town of Blue Mounds. Blue Mound State Park, home of the Horribly Hilly Hundred is visible on the left. The route parallels the Military Ridge State Trail and becomes Main Street through Mount Horeb. Known as the Trollway, it's lined with wooden trolls, carved by a local artisan, marking the entrance to local shops.

    The Tricycle Troll is a block and a half south of Co. ID on S. 2nd St. Not having the best eyesight this poor troll has lost his driver's license. He was forced to use a bicycle, but still got into so many crashes (note the frying pan helmet), that local law enforcement restricted his transportation on wheels to a tricycle. Now all the other residents along the Trollway watch him and shake their heads as he "tries" to "cycle" his way around town.

    An optional Kwik Trip convenience store is adjacent to the first of five roundabouts in Mt. Horeb, other stores and restaurants are along the highway. At one time the Pro Cycle Bicycle Shop was operating at 504 E Main St., its current status is unknown. Note: the Atkins Verona Bicycle Shoppe is about three miles off the route via Co. Highway G & 151/18 in Verona.

    The fourth control is at the Oregon BP Stop-N-Go. The route from this point is identical to the 200k.

    Stage 5: Tobacco Roads

    The penultimate stage begins with a short southerly stretch before turning eastward to continue on rolling roads through forested areas and farm lands. The stage takes its name from the industry that played an important role in the development of the area following the demise of wheat crops. Several tobacco curing sheds are still visible along the sustained stretches of Old Stage, Stebbinsville, and Cty Hwy. N. Unlike barns, they have numerous vents that can be opened to let the air circulate and help dry the tobacco. The route enters Edgerton on the northwest side and continues through town on Fulton St. At one time, as many as forty tobacco warehouses dotted the streets of town. One of the last, the yellow brick T. W. Dickinson & Son Tobacco Warehouse, is at the traffic signal on the southwest corner of Fulton and Main.

    The control is on the far east side of town at Carl's Shell. There are times when hot food hits the spot and apparently the cheddar-filled sausages here are quite tasty. Taco Johns is adjacent, McDonalds and the Wisconsin Cheese and Wine Chalet are nearby. The Comfort Inn is next door.

    Stage 6: County Highway Mundane

    The last stage begins with a quick descent past the ongoing party at the Anchor Inn to the bridge across the southern tip of Lake Koshkonong before a short climb out of the Rock River valley. About five miles into the stage you'll pass an optional Kwik Trip convenience store at 603 W. Madison Ave. on the west side of Milton. Not long after passing through town several long, exposed and relatively flat stretches along County Highway M offer a final challenge before the Delavan water towers come into view. The sky blue tower is on the far west side of town and the silver tower is downtown.

    The final control is operated by the Super 8 front desk staff - don't forget to sign and address your card before submitting it to them. They will stamp and deposit it in a collection box. Brevet cards will be returned by mail in the fall after they are certified.

    Congratulations randonneur! We look forward to your continued participation in our endurance events.


    1. All route information is for reference only. Cue sheets, maps and GPS files should be considered preliminary and subject to change. Riders will need to follow the official route provided at registration.

    2. Roads may be marked however riders must also be able to navigate the route from the cue sheet provided at registration. GLR does its best to insure cue sheet accuracy however rider judgment may be needed on occasion to compensate for cue sheet errors.

    3. Google Maps routes show control locations and other points of interest. The default Earth view has a Terrain option that replaces the road map layer with a topographical map with 40 ft. contour intervals. The Satellite view can be useful for urban route planning while Street View can be used to display panoramic images along the majority of the route.

      For an immersive experience, Google Maps routes can be opened in Google Earth. To view a route, click the 'View in Google Earth' link. This will initiate a download if the Google Earth client is not installed. Note: you may want to uncheck the 'Install Google Chrome' option that is selected by default.

      To display the brevet start/finish location: open the sidebar, open the Temporary Places and Brevets Delavan folders, and double click the Start/Finish Super 8 link. For a birds eye view of the route and surrounding area: use the zoom slider on the right to establish an Eye altitude of 1600 ft, the eye control to tilt the horizon until it‘s slightly above the top of screen, the eye control to rotate the display, and the hand control to scroll the display. For more information please refer to the Google Earth User Guide.

    4. GLR does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of and does not accept responsibility for errors that may be contained in these files.