Route Information: 400km

400km Summary1
Route:2 Cue Sheet
Map:3 Google
GPS Data:4 GPX
Climb: ~9,000ft
Fee: $20/$25 d.o.
6:00 am
Limit: 27 hrs.

The 400k route is a clockwise loop through Edgerton, Verona, and Sauk City on the way to the turn-around in Baraboo. The return route crosses Lake Wisconsin on the ferry on the way to Lodi, Columbus, Lake Mills, and Whitewater before returning to Delavan. It's nearly identical to the route used in 2007-2009. The preliminary cue sheet and map are linked in the adjacent table.

A few important notes:

  • The 400k and 600k rides start at 6:00 am, one hour earlier than the 200k and 300k.

  • The ride starts and finishes at the Super 8 Motel, 518 Borg Road, Delavan, WI. To reduce congestion, riders not staying at the motel have been asked to park across the street in the shopping center lot on the east side of Borg Rd.

  • After sunset, riders must have two securely mounted non-blinking lights: a front light with clear lens and a rear light with red lens. Riders must also wear a reflective vest, sash, Sam Browne belt, or some other device that clearly places reflective material on the front and back of the rider and a reflective ankle band around each ankle. The use of additional reflective material is strongly encouraged.


5/25/15: The 400k Google Map and GPX files have been updated with a couple of corrections.

5/8/15: The 400k Google Map and GPX files has been updated for 2015.

5/3/15: The 400k route information has been updated.

6/13/14: The 400k route information has been updated.

5/30/14: The 400k route information has been updated.

7/8/13: A link to an updated GPS data file has been posted.

6/19/13: The preliminary 400k route information has been posted, GPS data will follow.

3/30/13: The 400k route will be revised this year.

Ride Reports

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  • Do you have a ride report or other information that might be of interest to your fellow 400k riders? Please send it via the contact link at the bottom of the page.


    1. All route information is for reference only. Cue sheets, maps and GPS files should be considered preliminary and subject to change. Riders will need to follow the official route provided at registration.

    2. Roads may be marked however riders must also be able to navigate the route from the cue sheet provided at registration. GLR does its best to insure cue sheet accuracy however rider judgment may be needed on occasion to compensate for cue sheet errors.

    3. Google Maps routes show control locations and other points of interest. The default Earth view has a Terrain option that replaces the road map layer with a topographical map with 40 ft. contour intervals. The Satellite view can be useful for urban route planning while Street View can be used to display panoramic images along the majority of the route.

      For an immersive experience, Google Maps routes can be opened in Google Earth. To view a route, click the 'View in Google Earth' link. This will initiate a download if the Google Earth client is not installed. Note: you may want to uncheck the 'Install Google Chrome' option that is selected by default.

      To display the brevet start/finish location: open the sidebar, open the Temporary Places and Brevets Delavan folders, and double click the Start/Finish Super 8 link. For a birds eye view of the route and surrounding area: use the zoom slider on the right to establish an Eye altitude of 1600 ft, the eye control to tilt the horizon until it‘s slightly above the top of screen, the eye control to rotate the display, and the hand control to scroll the display. For more information please refer to the Google Earth User Guide.

    4. GLR does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of and does not accept responsibility for errors that may be contained in these files.